Why oncology nursing reddit?

I think oncology patients are the best patients, of course, there are some who are in a bad mood and so on, but I want to say that they are going through one of the worst things you could go through. Some of the patients have (unfortunately) come to this clinic for treatment for years and have developed very strong links with the nursing staff. I love this field of nursing and I say this very sincerely, please remember to take care of your mental health. I immediately knew that oncology was a beautiful and painful thing that I could never face in my career.

Real knowledge is needed to help prevent your heme patients from going too far to TLS and it can be an oncology emergency. However, I broke the sobs as soon as I walked out the door and couldn't sleep for days and weeks afterwards, even today my heart and stomach hurts to think about it, so I knew that oncology wasn't and isn't for me. Many of my patients will tell me all the side effects they are having, and when I ask them if they mentioned it to their oncologist, their answer (more than 80% of the time) is that they didn't ask. I used to be so hesitant and surprised to administer such high doses of medication that I had checked twice with a veterinary nurse.

They have a new oncology nurse package that is 3 online courses that recent graduates tell me are really useful. At first I never wanted to be in oncology but the floor humbles you and you spend a lot of time thinking about life or death. However, most of my comfort care patients are all geriatric patients, people who work in pediatric oncology don't know how they do it. My spouse and I work in higher education, and one of the nurse's children had some problems in college for several reasons.

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