Getting The Best Of All Pest Control

Pests - RatDo you need help to eliminate a harmful pest in your home. At our family owned, local business we know what types of animals and bugs are common in Arizona. We understand that pest invasions can happen very easily and catch you unaware. If you are in need of an exterminator, let San Tan Valley AZ pest control show you how painless it can be to make your pest problem a thing of the past

We use organic pest control to remove any unwanted visitors from your home. Some of the most common pests in Arizona are bedbugs, termites and scorpions. These three can be notoriously difficult to remove or in some cases downright dangerous to come into contact with We use products that are non-hazardous to you, your family and the environment. Our products are natural and organically sourced and we use them sparingly so that no one but the pests will be harmed by the products.

Our system is simple. We apply an initial amount of pest control and re-apply the product up to three times. The reason for this is based on what we know of the insect life cycle. Insects have an expected life span of 30 days. So by re-applying pesticide, we keep the population in check and destroy any lingering pests until they are completely removed from your home.

We provide you with information about the particular pest in your home as well. We make a point to share some of what we know about the pests we exterminate so that you can work with us to clear your home of them. For example, we know that scorpions will seek an outdoor water source so we will recommend that you fix all outdoor faucets and keep any irrigation to a minimum to reduce scorpion invasion in your home.

exterminator We also offer a guarantee for all of our customers. You can have confidence in the high level of service that we offer because we will provide a refund if the pests are not controlled after several rounds of treatment. We offer this service because we are proud of the integrity represented by our employees and company. Our technicians use a preventive pest control when they treat your home and perform additional monitoring services to ensure that your home stays pest free. Don’t let any pests keep you from enjoying the comforts of home. Give us a call today!