Can oncologist prescribe anxiety meds?

When you are being treated for cancer, your oncology provider, your primary care doctor, or a psychiatric provider may prescribe medications for anxiety. These medications can be used to treat other conditions besides anxiety. Sometimes, medications called antipsychotics or mood stabilizers may be used to treat anxiety and depression in people with cancer. It is important that you take this medication only as prescribed by your doctor.

They should not be stopped without the help of a doctor. The data also indicate that caution should be exercised in the use of AD in cancer patients in terms of its safety profile and possible clinically significant interactions with other prescription drugs. If your anxiety symptoms haven't subsided after 8 weeks, you may need to change your treatment plan, such as trying a new approach or being prescribed a different medication. It is often helpful for a psychiatrist to work with your oncologist to diagnose an anxiety disorder if it is present, or to help determine if chemotherapy or other medications may be causing anxiety symptoms and to find ways to manage side effects.

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